Creating efficient solutions in order to facilitate your company with a wide range of networking and synergies that will rise up to the challenge of all your business’ requirements.

In a world where knowledge and networking is power, having a task-force fully dedicated to explore these premises is mandatory to ensure the intertwinement and the success of all the branches working together to achieve our common goal.


  • Transversal Leads Generation
  • CRM and Leads Control
  • Business Increase of PROPLAYER GROUP
  • Broader array of potential targets

Every company is missing something in order to achieve all their goals.

Our job is to understand your needs whether they’re specific or in a more end-to-end scenario, therefore we will:
  • Actively Listen
  • Deeply Analyze
  • Preform Diagnostics
  • Provide Solutions

Market Research

Integrated in the PROPLAYER Group, we have the means and the know-how to tackle all your problems such as:
  • Sponsoring
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Services
  • Scouting

In the odd chance of our in-house solutions don’t meet your requirements, we will get them wherever they’re available.


  • Calendar Optimization
  • All spaces/areas of the venue must produce revenue
  • Sales Program
  • Marketing and Sponsoring of the Venue
  • Create your own yearly events
  • Open House

In a nutshell PROPLAYER Solutions will bring your company or business the right answers to all your challenges. We will provide you with tailor made projects that will bring the right solution to all your needs.

These Solutions will allow you to focus in different drives within your company, allowing us to work for you, saving time and efforts. It won’t be a just a one shot deal, it will be a lifetime partnership with great results to all involved.

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky