PROPLAYER Sports promotes sport with a focus on business development within the sports marketplace, primarily covering areas such as strategic marketing, business development with global implementation, sports education and Event design and Organization.

PROPLAYER Sports advises sports clubs, federations, local and national governements and other stakeholders on how to grow their businesses and resolve strategic questions. We work with clients across the spectrum, including sports leagues, sports teams, media partners, promoters, venue operators, sponsors, international federations and clubs, international and local investors.

We strongly believe in the power of sports and the convergence with technology to shape the future of the sports industry.

We are committed to put in contact our partners with the international sports world and our wide expertise in sports business to successfully deliver on our client projects.

PROPLAYER is constantly finding new business opportunities for our clients and sponsors in order to promote and improve the Sport Business World.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” Vince Lombardi