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The website is responsibility of PROPLAYER, Lda., tax number 516 310 860, headquartered at Rua Mariana Vilar, 1E, Parque Colombo, 1600-537, Lisbon – Portugal.

The website aims to provide information about the services, products, activities and promotional actions of PROPLAYER, Lda. and its subsidiaries.

The entity reserves the right to modify/update the structure, presentation and contents of its website at any time, maintaining the interests of its users.

PROPLAYER is concerned with the privacy of its website users. In this way, we guarantee the protection of the data of users of the PROPLAYER website and store.

Personal data collected

PROPLAYER collects and processes the data of each user of its website. Personal data can be collected through four processes:

  1. Data provided when registering and placing orders, through data such as name, date of birth, VAT number, address, email and telephone number.
  2. Data collected by completing the subscription form for the courses.
  3. Data collected through cookies.

All mandatory personal data will be identified with an asterisk (*).

Personal data management

Personal data collected by PROPLAYER are merely collected and managed by the institution. The stored data will be used for marketing actions, market studies, customer account management and to contact you. The contacts made may be related to your satisfaction as a registered user on our website and participation in questionnaires related to PROPLAYER’s marketing. In either situation, your contact preferences will be taken into account. All registered users on the website have the right to agree not to be contacted by our digital channels. To this end, when registering on the site, you should not select the option “I want to register for the newsletter”.

Every user registered on the website has the right to edit or delete their personal data as they see fit. These changes can be made through your personal area or via email

Purchases on the website can only be made by persons over 18 years of age. The collection of personal data from minors under the age of 13 will only be permitted if, according to the legislation on personal data protection, the consent of the legal representatives of the minor is given.

PROPLAYER will not provide any personal data collected from other entities that may jeopardize the integrity of their owners, without the consent of both parties.

Personal data disclosed to third parties: personal data will be disclosed to other entities only in the following exceptions:

  1. Payment processing;
  2. Packing and shipping of orders;

III. Complaints management;

  1. Return of products;

PROPLAYER may disclose third party data if website users indicate, for example, the address of a family member or friend for delivery of orders. Before filling in third-party data, in any form on our store, please ensure that you have the third-party’s consent.

Personal data may also be communicated to the competent authorities, police or judicial authorities, for the fight against crime, if any type of fraud against the website is verified

Personal data storage period

PROPLAYER will store the personal data collected for the minimum period, according to the purpose for which they are intended. Data intended for statistical or research purposes may be stored for a longer period of time, subject to personal data protection legislation.

Failure to complete mandatory data

If some of the mandatory data are not provided, you can prevent some of the services from not being performed. Only data that guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives of the website will be requested, and the provision of this type of data is optional.

 Cookies Policy

Our store uses cookies to improve your experience as a user and website performance.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored, through the browser used, on the computer or mobile device you use. Cookies will allow your computer or mobile device to be recognized on your next visit to our store, thus improving your experience of using our store. Only information related to your preferences is kept. Cookies do not collect information that identifies the user. The information obtained is generic and relates to the process used to navigate our store, number of visits to a particular page, the user’s country of origin, among other information that allows for faster browsing. When blocking cookies, websites may not respond as quickly to user preferences, thus preventing a more personalized browsing experience.

PROPLAYER uses the following cookies:

  • Analytical Cookies – for analyzing the experience of using the Store…, with the aim of monitoring the use of our website and thus improving the areas of greatest and least interest to our users. Thus, it will be possible to develop contents that are of interest to our store users. This type of cookies are intended for statistical analysis and content production.
  • Functionality cookies – used to facilitate user access to our store, preventing access data from being typed in each time you access the site, you need to fill in forms or other indispensable fields.
  • Third-party cookies – help measure the success of third-party applications and advertising effectiveness.
  • Advertising cookies – target advertising according to user preferences. They limit the number of times the ad is seen and allow you to measure the effectiveness of the advertising.

Cookies can be permanent or session. Permanent cookies are stored on the browser or devices as a way to identify the user’s interests, and are used to direct navigation according to the user’s preferences. Session cookies are temporary and are kept until the user leaves the site. They work as a problem identifier, ensuring that website users have a better browsing experience.

Can I block or delete cookies stored on my device?

Yes, all users have the right to block or delete cookies stored in the browser they use. To this end, the user must manage the PREFERENCES options that are marked in the browser he uses, thus being able to partially or totally block the cookies used in our store.

Find out how to enable or disable your browser’s cookies on the ANACOM website via the How to enable/disable browser cookies page.

We remind you that when blocking cookies in our store, some of the features may not provide the desired response.


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